Opportunity or Swindle?

For those of us who have followed closely the evolution of NFT’s we see that collections that started with a very small value today March 2022 are worth millions of dollars, maybe in a few weeks they will be worth much more and we will write another article telling you about it.
It may be a scam, it may be the revolution or it may be what everyone wants, if the Collins Dictionary selects the term “NFT” as “Word of the Year“, it is for a reason.
According to estimates by DappRadar, a company dedicated to tracking data on the blockchain, NFTs have moved a total of $22 billion in 2021, some may wonder why it is worth so much if they are just a jpg. There are many characteristics to consider and they are what give NFT’s their value:

  •  The artist
  •  The community
  •  The supply
  • The demand
  •  The added value
  •  Technology and  more.

Many believe that it is a bubble and that we are in it right now, others think that this is just the beginning of a great revolution, artists that before nobody knew them today could sell their works for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, here we leave you a list of the most expensive NFT’s so far:

  • $ 91.8 MM – The merge – Pak
  • $ 69.3 MM – The first 5000 days – Beeple
  • $ 52.7 MM – Clock
  • $ 28.985 MM – Human one – Beeple
  • $ 11,75 MM – Kryptopunk #7523
  • $ 7.67 MM – Kryptopunk #3100
  • $ 7,6 MM – Kryptopunk #7804
  • $ 6.6 MM – Crossroad – Beeple
  • $ 6.3 MM – Ocean Front – Beeple
  • $ 6.0 MM  –  A coin for the ferryman

Now, after seeing this I ask you:

Would you buy a NFT ?

Would you develop a project with NFT ?


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